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               Posted Thursday, February 26, 2015





Apollo 8 photographs Earthrise from moon's orbit.

December 24, 1968








             Posted Wednesday, February 15, 2015


Snow Scene, Loch Raven Reservoir

I recently reworked this image.








Swirls And Driftwood








Sky Over Sandy Stream Pond

Baxter State Park, Maine.

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Colors On Pemetic Mountain

Acadia National Park








High Water Marks, Great Falls State Park

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This is the high water marks post at Great Falls State Park. The normal water level in the river (behind me) is about 80 ft below where I am standing in this photo. The river valley is about two hundred yards wide at this point. It is hard to imagine that much water moving through here at flood stage.








A Photojournalistic Essay:

The Chesapeake Bay, Smith Island Collection








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