Autumn 2011


         Expedition: K3

             Posted Friday November 11, 2011 - (11/11/11) At precisely 11:00 PM


At Chimney Pond

Baxter State Park, Maine








Chimney Pond, Morning








Morning Light On Baxter Peak

Mt. Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine.








Autumn Light, Chimney Pond

Mouse over image for toned black and white rendering.








Pamola And Knife Edge








Slice Of Light

Dramatic afternoon light on Mt. Katahdin near Chimney Pond.








Cathedral Ridge From Dudley Trail








Chimney Pond From Dudley Trail








Baxter Peak, Katahdin Headwall








The Knife Edge, From Pamola Peak

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Hiker On Chimney Peak

Mt Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine.








On The Knife Edge








Stonework, Knife Edge

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Katahdin Granite

On the Knife Edge Trail high atop Mt. Katahdin.








Down On Chimney Pond

From near the summit of Mt. Katahdin, elevation about 5200 ft.

This photograph, taken between Baxter Peak and South Peak, is a good example of what can be achieved by reworking color. It was late in the day and the sun, behind me and to the left, was getting low in the sky. This exposure was made in the cold blue shade of the mountain. The scene was very monotone and flat and I almost didn't make the exposure, but decided that I wanted to at least have a record shot of chimney pond from up high. When I saw the image on the camera monitor I knew I had something that would work.

The following is how I made a photograph out of this exposure: First, I used the in camera RAW processing feature of the D7000 to create a vivid color enhanced jpeg. (I used one of my custom presets that I call "Velvia") I use that preset when I want warm saturated colors with added contrast. Later in the darkroom, I reworked the colors to eliminate the cold tones and further enhanced the colors with selective saturation. Finally, I added contrast with a curves adjustment and by burning the shadows deeper. The color information was there, it was just greatly subdued. A little time in the darkroom was what was needed to recover them. By reworking color I, in essence, created a scene with good light. One final note: the sky blue color was present in the pond and was not artificially added.









Megalithic, Baxter Peak

The summit of Mt Katahdin.

Mouse over image for toned black and white rendering.








Edge Of The Table

From just beneath the summit of Mt Katahdin.








Hamlin Peak From Saddle Trail








Tableland Green

Mt Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine.








Moonrise, From Saddle Trail

Saddle Trail, Mt Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine.

A full moon rises amidst dusky pastel hues during a twilight descent on Saddle Trail.

Talk about good timing - the right place, at the right time, during the right moon phase. When photographing the moon, it is very important to make the exposure while the sky and moon are at similar luminance values. This can change in just a matter of minutes. There is a very brief window of opportunity when the sky's brightness and color intensity are best. As the sky darkens, the dynamic range between the two rapidly increase until the moon can only be rendered as a hot white sphere - lacking any detail. Full moons, in most cases, should include detail. It is acceptable, however, to over expose a crescent moon, since there is no detail to be had in such a small sliver of light. The shape of the hot white crescent against the sky works well in photographs. When including the moon in a scenic like this one, you will need to use the longest lens possible. A long focal length has a compressing effect and makes distant objects larger in size. As I made my way down Saddle Trail, I had this moonrise right in front of me and rushed to set up the tripod on the steep gravely slope. I managed to make a few exposures at 200mm before losing too much of the twilight. I had known for weeks that there would be a full moon and was hoping for a shot like this. Nikon D7000 18-200 VR









Pamola Purple

Sky light at dusk paints purple hues beneath the warm glow of Pamola Peak.








Pamola Above

From Chimney Pond








View From Blueberry Knoll

North Basin, Mt. Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine.








Depot Pond

Beneath Mt. Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine.









Hamlin Peak, North Basin

Mt. Katahdin, view from Blueberry Knoll.








Howe Peaks, North Basin

Mt. Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine.








Basin Ponds, From Blueberry Knoll

The Great Basin, Mt Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine.









On the trail to Blueberry Knoll.









The Featured Photograph








Devotional Snapshot

"I Know Thy Works"








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