Spring 2011


       Posted Monday May 9, 2011


High Light

Rocks State Park, Harford County MD.

High noon sun, over Rocks State Park and newly emerging leaves, in early spring.








View from The King And Queen Seat, Early Spring

Rocks State Park, Harford County, MD.

This is the view looking south from the "lofty" King and Queen Seat in Rocks State Park.








Morning Lit, Deer Creek

Deer Creek, Rocks State Park, Harford County, MD.








The Sugar House

West Windsor, Vermont

The next two photographs are from last fall on my New England trip. A good friend of ours let me use this cabin, (called "The Sugar House") on the first night of my trip. The night sky was very clear and free of light pollution - great for capturing star trails. Unfortunately I was too low on battery power to make any exposures long enough. If I ever return I will bring my AC adapter so I can do it right and make some really long exposures. This exposure of the "Sugar House" was made in the light of late warm afternoon sun.








Sunlit Pasture

West Windsor, Vermont

After feeding the horses with a few apples from off the tree, I made this exposure just before the sun began to disappear behind the hill. Both exposures were made with my Nikon D60 hand held. The D60 has great image quality, renders blue skies richly without a polarizer, handles noise wonderfully at higher ISO's, and is one of the most user friendly digital cameras going. The only problem with it is that it writes and reads too slow which means some waiting between shots. In my opinion, I shouldn't have to wait for any DSLR that has the name Nikon on it.









Doors And Windows

Botanical Conservatory, Baltimore, MD.

Mouse over image for black and white rendering.








Window Panes

Detail, Botanical Conservatory, Baltimore, MD.

Mouse over image for black and white rendering.

This is one of my favorites in this collection. It looks absolutely delicious in both color and as a toned black and white. I could sit in front of this one with a bowl of pop corn for quite a while. To accentuate the color in the very drab framework I used the D60's in camera RAW processing feature to create a Vivid+ jpeg from the original NEF file and then added even more saturation, as well as, color correction in the digital darkroom.  This composition is a complexity of mostly diagonal lines. In spite of it's complexity it is not distracting. It works very well and pleasingly holds the eye. I love the way the D60 rendered the textures - with a very delicate and almost imperceptible digital grittiness. I'm a big fan of prints with delicate grain. The black and white rendering is like "digital Plus X pan". I think the black and white rendering is my preference here. The monochrome tones are just Beautiful!








Conservatory Perspective

Botanical Conservatory, Baltimore, MD.








Palm Fronds

Botanical Conservatory, Baltimore, MD.

Mouse over image for black and white rendering.








Palm Detail

Botanical Conservatory, Baltimore, MD.








Succulent Design

Botanical Conservatory, Baltimore, MD.








Blue Rose Succulent

Botanical Conservatory, Baltimore, MD.

All exposures made at the Botanical Conservatory were taken with my Nikon D60 and AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1.8 G lens. All files were, of course, reworked in the digital darkroom (CS2) with simple adjustment layers and dodging and burning.








The Featured Photograph








Devotional Snapshot

"We Are Changed"








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