Winter 2010



Winter 2010

Barn, Winter Morning

I had passed by this barn quite a few times over the last three years. I tried to get a good shot a couple of times in the spring and summer but it just didn't seem to work. The area around the barn looked too cluttered and dingy. One evening a light snowfall covered things and I remembered this barn - planning to visit it at first light. As soon as I arrived and saw this scene I knew it was a winner. I set up my tripod and took a "digital Polaroid" to nail the correct exposure. I then captured this scene in brilliant morning sunlight. The light fresh snow cover was just what was needed to transform this scene.








Posted March 1 2010


Whenever a fresh snow fall graces our area I try to take advantage of every opportunity to get out with my camera(s). Over the past few years the timing has been pretty good, with most storms synchronizing with my schedule. It's great when the storms have cleared by morning leaving an untouched glistening blanket over the landscape. It completely transforms the mood of things; it's a different world. There's nothing else quite like it. I love being out alone in those magic first few hours. I'm usually torn between enjoying the experience and quickly working to capture the changing light before the sun melts away the splendor.

Posted below, with more to follow, is a sampling of my latest winter work. Cameras used this winter include: Nikon D60 18-70mm - Nikon D200 18-200mm - Bronica GS-1 medium format 6X7cm with 50mm wide angle. (25mm equiv.) A tripod was used for most of the shots to ensure good sharpness.








Ice Storm

Nikon D60 18-70mm RAW Exposure. "Printed" in Photoshop CS2 - Curves - Color Balance - Dodging / Burning - Saturation - Smart Sharpen. A light morning snowfall had quickly turned to a wintery mix of sleet and freezing rain. Everything was beautifully coated with a crystal clear ice which allowed the underlying colors to show through. I had noticed this fence on the side of the road the previous summer and thought a shot in the snow might work. When the storm hit I grabbed my camera and jumped in my Jeep, (Makeshift 1), and took off to get this shot.








Fence In Ice Storm

Nikon D60 18-70mm RAW Exposure. "Printed" in Photoshop CS2 - This unusual fence along the same stretch of road caught my eye. The unique order of the rails and posts along with the ice coated thicket, intruding fog, and the diagonal perspective makes for a great picture.









Snow, Little Gunpowder River

Nikon D60 18-70mm RAW Exposure. "Printed" in Photoshop CS2 - Along the "Little Gun Powder River" in Gun Powder State Park the snow had just finished gently falling. I framed this picture as the clouds were just beginning to break. The diffused sunlight gave definition to the foreground; which would have otherwise rendered as a featureless white mass having little texture. This was important to this shot as the foreground detail is what makes this picture.








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