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 Posted Friday, June 20, 2013


Six Horsepower

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.








             Posted Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Barley And Grasses

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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Spring Harvest

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.








              Posted Wednesday, May 29, 2013


PA Farm

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.








             Posted Friday, May 10, 2013




This gets my vote for the funniest Cartoon


Sometimes we just need to laugh









             Posted Sunday, April 7, 2013



Snow Storm, Rocks State Park

Harford County, MD

Five days into spring the Harford County area had it first significant snow fall of the year. An unusually late snow event like this (March 25th) just had to be the first posting on my Spring Latest Work blog. This image and the ones to follow were made during the storm. Shooting in a snow storm is challenging in several ways including keeping the blowing snow off the front lens element. The high key scenery and reduced visibility of distant backgrounds makes for ideal black and white renderings. Colors tend to be lost in all of the snow leaving the original color camera files with a monochrome look. This file was converted to B&W in CS5 after DxO rectification which included a RAW file preset to "vivid colors" to deepen the blacks.










Snowy Weather

Rocks State Park, Harford County, MD

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This photograph captures the sense of the elements within the stormy forest environment. The high res enlargement reveals much more detail, including the snow flakes falling from the sky. Zoom around on the high res image to see all of the late March flakes.








Snow Covered Trees

Rocks State Park, Harford County, MD

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Snow, Rocks State Park








Snow, Rocks State Park








Snow, Rocks State Park








The Alligator, Rocks State Park

Well, that's what I call it anyway. I don't know if this rock has an official name; if not, "The Alligator" is just perfect.








The King And Queen Seat

Rocks State Park

Towering high over the Deer Creek valley is the peak of a rock cliff known as the "King and Queen Seat."








Snow, Rocks State Park








Winter In Spring

Rocks State Park








Snow, Rocks State Park

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Snowy Cattails

Somewhere in Harford County








Branches And Water

Somewhere in Harford County








Snow-scape, Harford County

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Yellow Sign

A snowy Route 24, Harford County, MD










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