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Posted Friday September 14, 2012


A Pair, Loch Raven Reservoir








Swimming Geese, Havre De Grace, MD








              Posted Wednesday August 29, 2012


Out Of Ocean City








Another Ocean City Sunrise









Ocean City, MD








              Posted Thursday August 16, 2012



Anatedeaphobia: the fear that somehow, somewhere, a duck is watching you...








  Posted Thursday August 9, 2012


Branches, Evening Sky

Nikon D200 18-200mm VR
1.3 sec / f 11 / ISO 100








Mars Landing:
Another Amazing American Achievement


"The Lord said, If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them." (Genesis 11:6a NIV)

Because man was created in God's image, he stands high above and separate from the lower animal kingdom. When God created man, he rolled up his sleeves and created something uniquely different from the rest of creation. He did his best work of all the six days of creation. Every other created thing in our physical universe was created for man's sake and God's glory. It is astounding what God has made man capable of doing. We can see the glory of God in one of man's most recent achievements.


The Mission To Mars


Move over Major Matt Mason.

If a manned mission to Mars is to be scheduled soon and they need a photographer, I definitely volunteer! 16 month round trip in a small capsule for a chance to be the first photographer on Mars? Piece of cake! I'm of the sort that is virtually impervious to extremely long periods of isolation. I'm the perfect man for the job! Just as long as they solve that "neck snapping" 9 G's thing during entry.

What red blooded American boy never dreamed of climbing into a 1 Billion horse power Saturn V rocket to blast off to the moon?










  Posted Saturday July 21, 2012


Sky And Corn








              Posted Thursday July 12, 2012


Pastels At Dusk

Every sunrise and every sunset is different. This is why I never tire of capturing uniquely dramatic skies such as this one. I love the way the rich black silhouette of the trees balances and frames this radiant scene. Notice the diagonal relationship between the trees and the clouds. Colorful high contrast photographs, like this one, have a lot of visual impact that grabs your eye and holds your attention.









                 Posted Saturday June 30, 2012


DC Cherry Blossoms








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DC Cherry Blossom Centennial








The Featured Photograph








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Devotional Snapshot

"Waxing Crescent"








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