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                Posted Saturday June 30, 2012


DC Cherry Blossoms








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DC Cherry Blossom Centennial








                           Posted Saturday June 23, 2012


Bandstand, Shipyard Park

Town Wharf, Mattapoisett, MA

Kodak Ektachrome film image, Bronica GS-1, 100mm Zenzanon, with polarizing filter.

I made this exposure back in 05. My wife and I were in Mattapoisett for a visit and we went for a walk around the historic waterfront. It was one of those beautiful clear sunny blue sky days in early June. All of the foliage was new and green and the sky was filled with wispy clouds. When we arrived at Shipyard Park this scene caught my eye. I set my tripod in place and captured this moment in time as it was passing. I like the elements within this landmark Mattapoisett photograph: the bandstand, rich blue sky, dramatic clouds, greenery, tree shadow, and branches, which frame the scene within this 6x7cm film image.







                                          Posted Thursday June 7, 2012


Sunset, Shaw's Cove

Mattapoisett, MA

Nikon D7000, 18-200 VR, Cokin graduated neutral density filter.

The end of another beautiful day last October, where I enjoyed the solitude of this place until nightfall.








Posted Tuesday May 29, 2012


Ned's Point, Dawn

Mattapoisett, MA

Nikon D7000, 18-200 VR

Ned's Point Lighthouse and the old oil house, in warm morning sun.








                               Waxing Crescent

                                           Posted Saturday May 19, 2012


Waxing Crescent

Nikon D7000, 18-200mm VR

Moon Phases

This scene was changing rapidly, allowing me only a few minutes to grab my camera and tripod and make this exposure. Afterward, I checked the moon phase and confirmed that it was in fact "waxing crescent"- merely crescent, but on the increase toward becoming full. As I considered this phase of the moon I was inspired to write the following.






Devotional Snapshot

"Waxing Crescent"








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