The Downward Spiral            

A Devotional Snapshot


by God's Litlle Boy
© 2013
Posted 8/6/13


Human morality cannot ultimately sustain itself; we need something more. Left to itself, human morality slowly deteriorates. When it is present it is beneficial, but it only exists because it was first preceded, in some way, by spirituality. By spirituality I refer to being in relationship to and influenced by God. The pendulum has swung away from spiritual revival in our culture. The spiritual foundations that have existed throughout our nation are being destroyed and our morality is in a downward spiral. Our morality is vanishing because our spirituality has all but vanished.

The western world was deeply influenced by Christianity. The spiritual laws and virtues of Christianity have shaped our culture and traditions and have served to define life as we have known it. The morality that we have been known for, as a nation, has been the fruit of our spiritual heritage. Spirituality precedes morality, and is the fountainhead of morality. Morality does not produce spirituality, neither can morality sustain itself apart from spirituality. Spirituality, therefore, is what is most needed in our land. Without it there is little hope for any abiding virtue. For many in our world today, morality means nothing more than good humanity. Those who trust in their own morality apart from the keeping power of God are standing their ground in quicksand. They may have a limited measure of human morality because of some fading cultural tradition or a flickering moral conscience, but because it is not derived from God's life and mind, it will only weaken with time.

I am grateful for the conservative presence that is involved in politics and media, but I am disappointed, yet not surprised, by how secular it is. Conservatives deal in truth, but it is truth that is only shoulder high - it is not higher than the heavens. (Isaiah 55:9) It is not as high as spiritual truth and light. It is a truth that is much higher than the filthy muck of liberalism that is beneath the feet of every decent man, but it is truth that does not accommodate the preeminence of Christ. For this reason Secular conservatism doesn't cut it! What is a secular conservative? He is someone who has common sense enough to recognize and embrace God's principles and laws. He understands that these principles work and are the best course for society, but he does not take the person of God with the package. He chooses God's rules for life, liberty, and governance but not God himself. Lacking a vital spiritual connection with God, He is left with only a limited human morality that will not be purely sustained in any consistent way for very long. Within his halls, the secular conservative is continually involved with principles from God, but he makes Jesus stand outside. The closest he comes to a true spirituality is the use of worn out cliches such as, "may God bless our troops and may God bless America." The morality of those who are disinterested in the personhood of Christ will continue to slowly decay in a downward spiral. Just as a satellite's orbit eventually decays so "human" morality follows. With no true upholding and constraining source of strength the moral force within our nation is doomed to crash and burn. We see this happening in our culture today in epidemic proportion. Like an aircraft that spins out of control, these boy scouts that go it alone without God, will spiral downward out of control, until even they themselves eventually become a smoking hole on a canyon floor. Such a fate awaits those who trust in their own humanity instead of the effectual keeping power and ever present help that the Lord is.


"Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God for he will abundantly pardon." (Isaiah 55:7)




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